My Journey From Glass to Fabric

By the time I moved to Nyack my glass studio had been closed for 2 years, open for 2 years before that, then closed for 2 years and before that open for 35 years in various incarnations. Moving back downstate to be close to my grandchildren represented a huge expense being so close to NYC. An old injury reared it’s ugly head or foot in my case and after surgery with limited space in a 3 storey walk up….and a desire to remove myself from a lifetime of working with toxic materials in my workspace made fabric look really good to me. It’s so light weight and functional. Quilts symbolically are so deep and that fit right in with the stained glass in sacred spaces and all the projects I have created…lenticular imagery... the way I think …. Many shows have left me with lots of applause... some naysayers (….oh well…) some sales and art to store. I see my artist friends and grew up with artists in the family and all their stuff…As an artist I have a compulsion to create but prefer to leave a smaller footprint. That is, unless you have an interesting glass project and would be interested to see how I would handle it. Many friends have offered me their studios and I have my regulars so execution is never an issue….