St Marys Church, Richmond Township PA 14’ x 18’ x 3’ leaded glass Miret/Rohlfs 1998

Detail, Congregation Beth Shalom Teaneck, NJ Miret/Rohlfs 2001

Detail. Creation St Marys Church Richmond Township, PA

Ascension Mausoleum Monsey, NY   Miret/Rohlfs 1991

Ferncliff Mausoleum, Hartsdale NY   Miret/Rohlfs 1999

St Mary’s Portland, CT Miret/Rohlfs 1998

Congregation Beth Shalom Teaneck NJ Miret/Rohlfs Studio 2001

“Baptism”  sandblasted laminate on glass blockMiret/Rohlfs 1995

The Last Breath” Ferncliff Mausoleum,  Hartsdale, NY48” x 60”  Miret/Rohlf 2003

      “Shri Yantra” 15” dia Miret/Willmark Studio 2002



      “Arise” leaded and foiled glass and wire 30” x “45”  Miret 1989

      “Black and Blue” fused glass tile 14” x 14” Miret 2002

      Untitled Miret/Lamb 1993 leaded glass/graphic 2008 18” x 21”

      “Swords into Plowshares” graphic from glass tile 12” x 12”

      “Palm Grease”  Leaded Glass 18” x 30”   Miret/Rohlfs 1991

“Poets and Mystics” details Christ Episcopal Church,  NY Miret/Rohlf1994        

Glass Vessel   8”dia x 18”  Urban Glass Miret/Bjork 1998 graphic 2004

      “Music”  Tribute to Robert Owen and Oliver Messiaen (detail, Gregorian Chant)

      Christ Episcopal Church Miret/Rohlfs Studio 1994  

Detail,   Christ Church, Bronxville, NY

Detail, “Nectar” graphic from glass Miret 2002

MOBIA, NYC banner, “Images in Reflection “

“In the Heat of Divine Love” fused glass tile 6” x 6” Miret 2002

“Ascension” Mosaic ceramic and glass, shower rings 12” x 12”  Miret 2007

St. Mary, Portland, CT“Creation, End of Creation”   2 ½ ‘x 22’ Leaded glass Miret/Rohlf2007



Ferncliff Mausoleum, Hartsdale NY 24” x 60” Miret/Rohlfs 1998

St Aloysius Church New Canaan CT 15’ x 25’ Leaded, trace paint Miret/Rohlfs 1999

Ferncliff Mausoleum 48” x 60” leaded, acid etched Miret/Rohlfs 2013

Congregation Beth Israel 1999 fused glass and wire Miret/Urban Glass/Fabrication Workshops 1999

Ferncliff Mausoleum leaded glass with lead overlays Miret/Rohlfs 1999

Ascension Mausoleum leaded glass Miret/Rohlfs 1991

“The Nuclear Chicken”  leaded, acid etched trace paint24” x 24” Miret 1982

      St Elizabeth Church, Wyckoff NJ Leaded glass Miret/Rohlf 1997

Ferncliff Mausoleum Miret/Rohlf Studio 1996

“The Conversationalists” leaded glass and wire Miret 1983

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel,  Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY Miret/Rohlf’s 2002 detail, 3’ x 160’ octagon



“Janette’s Buddha”/graphic for Buddha on Bells for Court on the Desert Flower,  Burning Man fused glass 6” x 6” Miret 2002

      Prayer Wheel 2 sandblasted, antique bevels Miret/Wilmark 2003

Christ Episcopal Church Miret/Rohlf Detail “Blue” fused glass12” x 20” Miret 2005

St Charles Borromeo, Arlington Va4-10’ x 25’ leaded glass Miret/Rohlf 1985

Congregation Beth Israel, Eagle PA exterior, interior Leaded glass 2’ x 18’ Arc, Ner Tamid 1998 Rohlf/Fabrication Workshop        

Detail, Ascension Mausoleum Monsey, NY Miret/Rohlfs 1990

St Elizabeth’s Church Wyckoff, NJ leaded glass 15’ x 25’ Miret/Rohlfs 1997

Detail, Marist College leaded, fused glass trace paint 3’ x 160’ octagon Miret/Rohlfs 2002

St Aloysius New Canaan CT 16’ x 26’ Miret/Rohlfs 2000

Memorial fused glass and wire 3’ x 8’ Miret/Fabrication Workshop/Urban Glass   

“Nectar” graphic from fused glass tile 2003

      “Art That Heals” giclee /graphic from glass tile 2002 image 24” x 24”



      Immaculate Heart Academy, Washington Township, NJ leaded glass IHAMiret/Lamb 2008

      Ascension Mausoleum Miret/Rohlfs Studio 1990

      First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio Miret/Willet/Hauser 2005

      Bima Windows,  Barnet Temple, Franklin Lakes NJ 5-1’ x 6’ Miret/Lamb 1989

      Marist College180’ x 3’ octagon Miret/Rohlfs Studio 2002

Marist College, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel “The Dinner Party” leaded and foiled glass, wire Miret 1984

“Intersecting Lines of Redemption”  Images in Reflection MOBIA, NYC graphic from “Wittness”  fused glass tiles    Miret 2004

Englewood Hospital, Englewood NJ leaded glass 5’ x 7’ Miret/Lamb 2014



      “The Dinner Party”  Miret 1983

      Detail, St Marys Portland CT Miret/Rohlfs 2007

      “Enter the City” Our Lady of the Magnificate NJ 5’ x 7’ Miret/Rohlfs 1983  

      US Naval Base, Reykjavik, Iceland 4’ x 7’   Miret/Rohlfs 1984

      Detail, graphic from “Wittness” series9” x 12”  Miret 2004

      First Congregational Church Columbus, Ohio Miret/Willet Hauser2004

      Temple Beth Or, Coral Springs FL Miret/Rohlfs 1985

      Marist College Miret/Rohlf2002

      In the Heat of Divine Love”  Glass tile 6” x 6”  Miret 2004

“Swords in to Plowshares”  Graphic from glass 9” x 9”  Miret 2004